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What makes us different?

tick Helping developing countries

tick Packed with fairtrade ingredients

tick Organic & natural where possible

tick Supporting the UK economy

tick Driving Innovation

tick Ethically driven

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Fairtrade Cotton Innovation

Cotton Farmer

fair naturally innovation! We have developed the first Fairtrade certified range of cotton beauty products, which includes a gorgeous handwash, hand cream, facial toner, facial cleanser & facial moisturiser. Read more >>

about fair naturally

so what makes us different?

We are a small & friendly UK company aiming to make a big difference.

We have a great belief in what we’re doing, and are sure that the work carried out will support, develop and benefit people in developing countries, businesses and charities within the UK, and you, the consumer.

Our range is based totally on fairness for everybody. We believe that our ethical values run through each product, and ultimately make a better range for you the consumer.

We add as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible, making sure it’s packed with quality raw materials that are fair and sustainable, and help build future prosperity for our producer groups.

We believe that the fair naturally range is a big step in making people aware of the ethical, fair and environmentally friendly production of beauty products, and hope to continue to communicate our positive messages for years to come.

what consumers said about our range

We worked hard over the course of a year to test, sample and trial our products on some very happy consumers!

We looked into the fragrances, texture, quality and packaging, and we felt we'd cracked it! But to make totally sure, we ran a small sample of consumers, people just like you, to see what they thought.

The results were so positive, we wanted to shout about it! See below for just a few of the comments we received!