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What makes us different?

tick Helping developing countries

tick Packed with fairtrade ingredients

tick Organic & natural where possible

tick Supporting the UK economy

tick Driving Innovation

tick Ethically driven

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Fairtrade Cotton Innovation

Cotton Farmer

fair naturally innovation! We have developed the first Fairtrade certified range of cotton beauty products, which includes a gorgeous handwash, hand cream, facial toner, facial cleanser & facial moisturiser. Read more >>

helping communities & the environment

going one step further....

We're passionate about Fairtrade and are always keen to get involved, finding new ways and routes to market for our producer groups. We have recently been recognised as the very first beauty brand to use cotton seed extracts and walnut oil in our products, a fact that we are truly proud of.

These new channels which we have helped to create means that our producer groups have the opportunity to increase their productions and supply totally new markets, furthering their chances for prosperity and development. We aim to continue this work for years to come.

Our Fairtrade ingredients come from developing countries around the world. Our latest products used:

• Cane Sugar from Paraguay
• Cotton Extract from India
• Cocoa Butter from the Dominican Republic
• Shea Butter from Ghana
• Almond Oil, Walnut & Apricot Shells from Pakistan
• Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua
• Mango Extract from West Africa

This ensures that we are helping a number of countries and their communities to develop a better, more stable future for themselves and their families.

We also offer these communities help and advice, which in the long term will help them grow further, and develop their businesses into new and bigger markets.

Most people like to know where the ingredients used in their products have come from, and we couldn’t agree more; that’s why we ensure that our Fairtrade ingredients are all listed on each pack. Additional to that, over the coming months we are going to publish case studies of some of our producer groups so you know how the Fairtrade premiums from yours and other consumers purchases are being used.


the environment

fair naturally ensures that our delicate environment is protected as much as possible.

All our products are manufactured right here in the UK, which means we don’t ship heavy containers of finished product into the country.

This means our carbon footprint is much lower than many other brands, and we are also doing our bit to help the UK economy as well as producer groups in developing countries!